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REFERENCE SIRES- click Sire name for EPD info


CL 1 Domino 314A 

Calved: 1/5/13 Reg. #43379692

Janice named him Pi and it stuck. He deserves it. One calf looks like another and he is a well-rounded, complete sire. Fertile, gentle, easy moving, easy calving, extra rib, and the list, like Pi, does not stop. First daughters were predictably outstanding this spring both with quality of calves and a lot of milk. Y Cross at Horsecreek had 43 calves from black heifers, bulls avg. 77 lbs. and heifers 73 lbs. Start with more and end with more, we feel he makes Sensation better. Trait leader in five categories most notably for calving ease and birth weight, and then they grow. Owned with Cooper, Fisher and K7. 


CL 1 Domino 052X 1 ET

Calved: 1/12/10 Reg. # 43082461

 Uniformity of Line 1 cattle is huge in terms of the results of your breeding program and it helps to have a set to sell, not a group of individuals. Straight Line 1, he is extremely consistent and the bulls really look like Dad. He is very red and sires deep sided cattle with real muscle and a set of pants. He sires bone and is a puppy to handle. 52X is a ¾ brother to Tank and follows him in our program. His BW EPD dropped under two but he remains a top carcass sire and daughters are udder improvers.  Now owned by Amos and Jessie Viter.

Anchor 11x

Calved 2/11/10 Reg# 43079478

Adding a polled sire like this was a big step for us and he is a welcome addition. He is a large framed bull with acceptable birth weights. Bulls have exceptional bone and like dad they will really be able to travel. Heifers are attractive with extra pigment. As a sire group they are outstanding and speak for themselves and will sire the pounds. Note a below breed average birth weight and a large yearling weight.


Churchill Domino 4102B

Calved 1/21/14 Reg#43481065 

He is a tremendously free moving sire with full pigment and was what we were looking for in an AI outcross bull in this program. He has top carcass and growth numbers and will sire extra quarter and length in those calves. He is an own son of more meat 955 and topped the Churchill sale at $45,000 in 2015. Owned by Stangle and J Bar E.

SR Right On 2203 Z ET

Calved 8/13/12 Reg 

We were looking for a great polled son of Sensation and found him. Offspring are correct and squarely made. Top EPD profile and matings were made in hopes of producing herd bulls.

Ponca 0145x Domino 411

Calved 3/17/14 Reg#43527940

Outstanding young sire used for growth and he produces it as well as quality. Top herd bull prospect in Lot 71.

ERC Genetic FLow 4368 ET

Calved 4/7/14 Reg#43503823

Elite horned son of the Cash Flow bull and his sons can produce it. We chose to use him because of his dam and the prepotence of Genetic Explosion. Females will be exceptional.

CL1 Domino 589C

Calved 1/14/15 Reg#43575976

He is inspiring to look at from any angle. I love to watch him travel in the pasture. Maternal brother to 314A, he is our second son out of the 1116Y cow to work here. He is owned with the Lowell Fisher family. His first calves are great and he will be the feature service sire on the fall cows we offer. You can see him sale day. 589’s future is golden.

H Hometown 5343 ET

Calved 8/13/15 Reg# 43638314

Incredible new pedigree in our herd bull lineup. Outstanding numbers in terms of ability to improve all traits. We are excited to see his calves next spring. I-80 will be his handle as he travels from here to Morrell Ranches in California each year.



Calved: 9/13/2008 Reg. #42950852

EPD Information

This was a sure bet for the muscular phenotype we are looking for in a herdbull. He already has 60 progeny at RCR and is an accomplished low birthweight sire. One of our goals is to add the pounds without increasing the size and we think he can do it. He took lead and was given lots of cows in the breeding pastures so we will know right away if he can meet expectations. He is tremendously thick and travels well. He is backed by super cow families on both sides. 


F 157K  RIBSTONE 763  (CHB)


Calved 1/23/07                  Reg.#42781680

EPD information

763 is our outstanding son of 157 K bred by Feddes Herefords and has been the main focus of our herd for the last four calf crops. As you go through the pastures both his heifer and bull calves demand your attention.  He has outstanding carcass and growth numbers and sires long bodied, short marked cattle with pigment. His dam is a herd bull mother and his sire easily dominates marbling in the breed.  We own this bull with Brillhart Herefords in Montana.

 In herd semen interest available.





 Calved 3/2/2008               Reg.#42945300

EPD Information

The bull has brought a fresh pedigree and an old proven sire (King Ten) to our herd and is he is backed by a great Lowell Fisher cow and that program.  He has been used in four herds and he already has credible data after two calf crops. The heifers are predictably fabulous and his sons should be popular in any baldie making program.  He has balance in every trait with good marbling numbers. He was used successfully on heifers here.

 In herd semen interest is available.  _________________________________________________________________________





Calved 2/6/2008               Reg.#42965713


EPD Information

We were extremely excited to be able to purchase possession in this outstanding sire. He has bred true to his numbers and has been used successfully on heifers.  He is a tremendous individual that moves out well, is strong topped, stands on good feet and legs and really carries his muscling  down well into his lower quarter. He was used in Canada as a yearling and will have sons in the Calgary bull sale this year. His dam was a highly sought after cow in the Hirsche dispersion; she is truly a great cow with a perfect udder and tons of milk. She has been shown four different years and each year was the Champion including Agribition Champion Female. I am very excited about the balance in his carcass EPDs and after his first calf crop I think he is for real.

In herd semen interest is available.




Calved 2/2/2007               Reg.#42983301

 EPDs Information

 This bull had me from hello with his easy manners It might take two horses to move if he thinks his cows have gone far enough or you can walk up, halter him, and lead him to the trailer at the end of the season. All three sons from this flush were used on heifers, one by his breeder, and his dam was kept until she was 15. We used him with confidence to follow 763 and with the way he is bred the numbers coming out of Canada are stronger than listed.


In herd semen interest is available.



 B Excel 20 Calf Picture





Calved: 3/12/2010             Reg.#43154431

EPD Information

This is the most outstanding bull we have raised for some time. He has incredible muscle expression through the stifle, quarter and down his top. He is heavy boned, correct and travels smoothly. He has one big red eye and is certainly a herd bull. He was collected and has been bred to several cows this year. His mother is a proven producer at age thirteen (and still here) with an exceptional udder. We flushed his full sister for Paul Laubach this spring and another full sister was shown successfully by Jessie and was a Supreme Female Champion at the Laramie County Fair in 2005. At the SAREC Test this bull was -4 for feed efficiency, had an average daily gain of 3.43 and dry matter conversion was 4.99 per pound on a high roughage ration. What more do you want your Herefords to do? This bull’s pedigree is our herd’s history and this is why we are so excited about his results on the efficiency test.

In herd semen interest is available.




 Calved 1/17/2005 Reg.#42573483

EPD Information

Tank “the old bull”, has been a welcome addition to this herd last year and we leased him for this last summer's possession. This outstanding sire owned by Paul Laubach has a tremendous amount to offer the Hereford breed. He has more depth and volume then most Hereford cattle, is well pigmented and moves great for a seven year old bull.  He has great feet and a disposition to match. We look forward to his calves in 2012. Contact Paul Laubach for semen.




Calved 2/1/2005        Reg.#42580855

EPD information

When I was given the opportunity to use this bull AI and I jumped on it. We had two outstanding yearling heifers by him and this is a breed leading carcass bull! His EPDs are off the charts and there are 500 calves by him already. We used him a third time this year so these calves are not a one shot deal. His first sons were favorites at this year’s sale.




Calved 1/14/2010             Reg.#43082276

 EPD information

This outstanding 862U son has great muscle definition, loads of natural thickness, length of body and spring of rib. 072X is a red necked bull with breed leading numbers. Top bull in Cooper’s sale for combining REA/MARB EPDs. He scanned a low rib ratio of 89, a 14.07 in REA and MARB ratio of 119. Dam is a top end 3162N daughter with a MM EPD of 31. Maternal half-brother to CL 1 DOMINO 955W that was the high selling bull in the Cooper Production sale in 2010.  We were excited to be able to purchase a maternal brother to the top selling Hereford bull in Denver last year 955W.

Semen available.




Calved: 1/12/2010            Reg.# 43082461

EPD information

This 3113N son is a medium framed, thick topped, deep ribbed bull with excellent pigment and red from head to toe. His dam, 200M is a Dam of Distinction with a +34 Milk. We share this bull and the 072X bull with P&R Herefords and will not see any calves out of 052 till spring of 2013. He looks to be a great one. 

Semen available.





Calved: 3/1/2005              Reg.# 42638688

EPD Information

We went back to use this outstanding 4033 son because of his outstanding calf crop at Carl Shaffer’s at Rock River. He is backed by one of our very best low birth weight and high milk families for three generations. First calves were born in 2010 and were good enough we bred more cows to him.  He has a son on test at SAREC now. Carl has not pampered this bull and you should try him.

Both registered and commercial semen available.








 Calved: 3/16/10            Reg.# 43154387

EPD Information

This is one of the most exciting genetic and phenotypic prospects we have sold in a long time. Several ranchers have commented he may be the best bull we have ever raised. His pedigree is unique as he is out of the only Patton daughter in the United States. Besides a unique pedigree this bull has been a favorite since he was a calf, resembling his mother that is moderate framed but brings a lot of pounds in the right places. He has a great head and a deeply set eye.  We have collected and frozen over a hundred straws of semen and are excited to offer him to you. His new owner is Y-Cross Ranch at Horse Creek, WY. He hope to get a video of this bull up soon, you cannot believe the way he moves.

Semen and interests avaliable.




Calved: 1/14/2010               Reg.# 43092364

EPD Information

 We are very excited to have put in seven embryos from our great Sandy cow and this new bull prospect. We anxiously await the our first 15 calves to be born and believe he is a move in the right direction.


The following bulls were used and are considered to be cornerstone reference sires:

























Semen still available on most sires.